Some professions are more demanding than others. The construction, mechanical, or mining industries, for instance, are usually more physically demanding for workers. Safety needs to be top-notch when working in a testing environment or around heavy machinery. This applies to workers’ hands in particular, as they are used for operating machinery, therefore, are more exposed to danger. To enhance hand safety on working sites, impact-resistant gloves are one of the most effective options.

Compared to other types, these gloves have an edge in more ways than one. That said, we will do a detailed overview of impact-resistant work gloves and see how they stand out.

What are Impact Resistant Gloves

Impact resistant gloves, also known as bumpers, are among the highest quality of protective hand wear, Made out of leather, synthetic blends, or thermoplastic rubber (TPR), these provide protection against collision, vibrations, and crushing-related injuries.

Additionally, the material used for manufacturing can withstand extreme amounts of loads. Therefore, in the event of a mishap, these bumpers serve as the protection layer between the crushing object and the worker’s hand. Without this hand wear on, injuries can be lethal in most cases.

Because of the high protection level, these are commonly used in industries where heavy machinery is involved. That said, some of the places that use this quality hand wear include the following:

Mechanical Work

This handwear is ideal for mechanics who work with power tools, as they provide protection from vibrations and potential impacts.

Construction Site

It is not uncommon for construction sites to witness mishaps like falling objects and heavy tools. Therefore, these impact-defying gloves can help lower the risk under such scenarios.

Mining and Extraction

In the mining and extraction industry, heavy components are moved around. Additionally, employees work around heavy machinery. Therefore, bumpers remain an integral part of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Key Features of Impact and Cut-Resistant Gloves

Different brands offer various types of gloves. However, there are some key features you should look for when buying this hand wear. Here’s a list of the key features to look out for in:

  • Durable materials
  • Flexibility
  • Good grip
  • Padding and reinforcements
  • Proper fit
  • Breathability

The availability of all these features ensures proper hand safety. Moreover, workers can do their tasks more efficiently when they fit better and have good breathability.

Advantages of Impact Resistant Gloves

To ensure worker’s safety, it is important to go for quality handwear such as impact-stopping gloves. In addition to offering quality, there are several other benefits for opting for bumpers. The benefits are as follows:

Injury Prevention

Quality gloves provide good protection against injuries by crushing, collision and vibrations.

Enhanced Productivity

With safety in check, employees can solely focus on their work – increasing overall productivity. Moreover, this is beneficial for both the workers and the employer.

Cost Cutting

Injuries put a financial burden on the worker and the employer. The worker suffers physical damage while employers end up paying for the mishap. However, by ensuring hand safety, organizations can eliminate the chances of potential incidents.


Another key benefit of cut and impact-resistant gloves is their versatility. These are available in different designs and types. Therefore, industries have the option to make customized orders with hand wear designs better suited for their workplace.

This is everything about impact-resistant gloves for industrial use. Several jobs require employees to work around heavy machinery and in testing conditions. This could leave workers prone to injuries. Therefore, it is important to wear protective hand wear and avoid any potential injuries.

When opting for bumpers or any other safety equipment, be sure to prefer quality over anything else. All in all, protected workers in general feel valued and deliver better results.

Be safe, never compromise on safety and stay tuned for information about safety gear and more.

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