SAFEWEARS is the Safety Brand of Pak Benelux Safety Wears was Established in 1989 and the skills that we’ve developed over that time and our knowledge of our industry means that we are leaders in our field. Due to our vast manufacturing experience we are proud to represent ourselves as world renowned supplier of All Type of Industrial Gloves and Safety Products (PPE). Over the years, SAFEWEARS has grown from a specialist in Working Gloves, Work wear to a provider of a full line of Safety Gloves. Quality is assured by our BSCI / SEDEX SMETA / ISO 9001:2008 /ISO 14001:2015 system with increasingly stringent control on specification, testing and inspection. We are pleased to introduce our latest products offering you an indication of our comprehensive package of products, including Hand protection Gloves our full line of Working Gloves, Working Driving Gloves, Welding Gloves, Mechanic Gloves, Work Wear and all kinds of Leather Gloves. Customer satisfaction is our goal, we have put forth all our efforts to insure that our valued customer receive the highest quality products range and quick service at competitive price. We are dedicated to our belief of never compromising on quality. We’re highly skilled. We’ve passed our best knowledge, experience and skills through generations of personnel.


We Are BSCI | SEDEX SMETA | ISO-9001 | ISO-14001 | Certified